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January 11, 2021

How to stop giving out free advice

How to stop giving out free advice

Once you start growing your audience on social, more and more followers will message you directly asking for your advice. Here is an easy 3 step method to convert some of these followers into paying customers

Step 1

1. Set up a website with some details about yourself and a list of the services you provide (with the prices)

Here are 3 of the top tools that will allow you to set this up (along with their pros and cons)

Calendly - Generate a link that allows people to pay to book some time with you

  • 👍 Very easy to set up
  • 👎 Not personalized, designed only for booking time

Squarespace/Wix - Create your own website to market your services

  • 👍  Highly customizable
  • 👎  Takes time to set up, a lot of complexity and difficult to start taking payments


  • 👍  Customizable, very quick and easy to set up and start charging, preset beautiful designs
  • 👎  Less room for marketing

Step 2

Post this link everywhere ~ in your bio, beneath your posts, in your email signature

Step 3

Use the link when responding to DMs and emails asking for advice, use these templates if you (like me) find it difficult to say no:

"Thank you so much for reaching out! Out of respect for my paying clients, I'm unable to give detailed advice via DM but you can book some time with me here - and my Instagram/blog is full of free resources."
This sounds like a very interesting opportunity and I'd love to help you with it - here's a link to the different services I offer:"

Don't forget that you're not just doing this for yourself - you're also doing it for your followers! People do not value what they get for free and are much more likely to benefit from something which they have paid for.

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