Build a business through chat

Run your business, manage clients, and get paid — all from your phone.

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In a nutshell

Business just went mobile

Communicate with clients and online communities in a familiar format — all while getting paid.

Run your business

Chat, advise, answer questions, and build stronger relationships — with more people than ever.

Manage clients

Group chats or 1:1s — Quorum has you covered. You'll see who's active, who's paid, and who's drifting.

Get paid

Monthly, weekly, once-off — you decide. Quorum handles the money so you can focus on what you love.


Personalise your group

Start your business in a flash! Create a group, name it, style it, and set a price. You'll be chatting in no time.


Share your public page with clients

Each group has a public link that you can share with new and existing clients. The link has everything they need to join. See you inside!


Payments made easy

Customers add their card details and all payments are handled in the app. Did we mention there's no payment processing fees?

iOS and Android

Chat on your phone

Stay connected with clients in the most familiar way. Emojis, typing indicators, push notifications, video — Quorum has everything you'd expect from a chat app.


Manage groups and track engagement

The web dashboard gives even more control. Get group insights — who's active, who's slipping away, and how much you're making. You can even chat if you prefer a keyboard to your phone.

"A fantastic way to connect with clients effectively,  and more importantly — privately"

Miriam uses Quorum to coach retailers all across Ireland. She checks-in daily, shares advice, answers questions, and builds stronger relationships with her clients.

Our investors

We’re fortunate to be working with some of the incredible investors behind companies like Calm, Figma, and Revolut.

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